Get More Game.

Play like the pros.

We're revolutionizing tennis by putting a modern day twist to the traditional game. By tracking match results on your courts, you get all the perks of a tennis club - we build a community and ranking system that raises your game to a whole new level.

LoveCourts bring players together.

Climb the leaderboards and set new court records.

We let you know how you stack up against others on the courts you play on by tracking things like the matches you've played, the games you've won and who you've played. You can also aim to hold a variety of court records like the longest winning streak, the most epic matches played, and of course, King of the Court.

LoveCourts brings you a whole new game.


Play more challenging matches.

Now you have a way of connecting to others who play where you play. When you want to play tomorrow and no one you know is available at that time, LoveCourts matches you with players of similar skill so you don't have to miss an opportunity to play an epic match.

You've never played matches like this.

Set personal goals. Track your tennis life.

Aim to improve your game by setting and achieving goals - winning streaks, epic matches, matches played in a month and even sponsored matches. You can even track your gear and find out what gear best works for you.

You've never been this good.


Reserve your LoveCourts now.

Be part of the thousands that have already signed up. LoveCourts is available now in Toronto (GTA) and coming this summer to North America! Send us an email to be the next city.


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